• The major problem asked by car owners is whether to “scrap my car or fix it” and we got expert advice for you to get the benefits of using service from car removal companies. It all depends on the type of car you are selling some cars are worth more then what owners expect and on the other hand, some cars are sold for less money or perhaps just free removal. The condition of the car is another factor that determines the value of your car that may change your decision on whether to scrap or repair it.

Scrap My Car

Selling a scrap car for cash these days is much easier with car removal companies in almost every region such as Aslam Salim Motorwala that is also specialized in buying scrap vehicles. If a car is old with not much demand in the market, then it is always beneficial to scrap it. Such cars are not demanded by auto wreckers as they don’t demand it. On the other hand, you can actually get a good amount of money for cars when their parts are demanded. 

Below is a checklist to help you decide whether to scrap your car or fix it;

  • Timing belt issues Engine 
  • issues Gearbox issues Electric 
  • problems head gasket

It is also important to measure the cost and sale of the vehicle before deciding on scrapping a car or fixing it. We can’t make the decision for you, but we have advice for when your old car has broken down. Consider all these factors before you make your move either way.

Fix My Car

Another option when having a car that is not operational is to fix (repair). which does costs but making the right decision will gain more value for your car. Our experts suggest cars that are made from the year 2005 and over with non-major mechanical issues than its worth to repair it. Such cars do have high market value after fixing it can be sold for a good amount or perhaps a phone call to a local car wrecker can also be an option as they buy a higher year model that is damaged or costs too much for repair. Such companies offer a good amount of cash, the car is wrecked and used for parts.

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