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AslamSalimMotorwala is a top scrap car buyer in Virar, Mumbai has been the marketplace for less-than-perfect cars for over a decade. We have the experience and know-how to figure out exactly what your car is worth, pay you quickly and pick up your car in no time.

With cutting-edge technology, industry expertise and a dedicated team of excellent customer service representatives, we promise we’ll make your junk car selling experience as smooth as possible. 

Additionally, we guarantee no haggling and no last-minute negotiating with all our offers. The offer you accept is the payment you’ll get when you describe your car accurately with our super smart price engine. Get an offer in just 90 seconds and find out what you can get for your car today!

We buy all types of cars

Salvage cars, Junk cars, Rebuilt cars, Non-running cars, Cars with blown engines, Vehicles with mechanical damage, Vehicles with body damage, Totaled cars, Old cars

Free Towing- No Fees Whatsoever

No one wants to travel miles just to drop off their scrap car. This is why we take the burden off your shoulder. Aslam Salim Motorwala offers a free collection of cars. Tell us where you want us to pick your vehicle from and forget all about it!

The process is easy - we take care of all paperwork.

As scrap car dealers in Virar, we will make sure every step is quick, easy, and friendly. We’ll even help the buyer with the official paperwork!

We Give you back your chassis Plate

By recycling cars, We intend to be a quiet great industry which contributes to the environment as well as economy. In middle of all such processes we give you, Chassis Plate at your Doorstep to keep Customer Feedback in tact

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