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Scrap cars are not a pretty sight. If the unused vehicle is broken and in obvious need of repair, it could draw attention from unwanted vandals. Aside from looking poor on the property and being a potential hazard

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Scrap Car Dealer in Pune

Do you also want to scrap your old and damaged car? Well, there are many of the things that you must be aware of. In India, car scrapping activity is not organized one that’s why the Indian government recently declared the scrapping of diesel vehicles that were older than 15 years across the country in a bid to curb pollution. There are few parameters that need to be considered before the policy goes into action, which includes the age of the vehicle, fuel type, and the city where it is used, etc. The government levies a “Green Tax” on vehicles that are older than 15 years in terms of pollution control. Once the incentive policy goes into action, it will be a win-win situation for both owners and manufacturers. Process of Scrapping a Car There is a certain process that you need to follow in order to scrap your old car.…

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