How To Scrap Car For Cash

How To Scrap Car For Cash

Many people struggle to sell scrap cars because it is hard to find buyers for these types of cars. While some scrap cars are usually functional, they have too many mechanical problems to function optimally. Fortunately,

Aslam Salim Motorwala offers a hassle-free means to sell your scrap car for cash, whether it is mobile or stationary. If you are looking to sell your junk car, these tips will ensure that you get the best value for it.

Top 5 tips to sell your scrap car

  1. Have all the proper documentation on hand. To sell your junk car you must have it registered under your name.
  1. Pay off all the loans and fines. You must also clear any loan that is attached to the car. Even if the scrap car is immobile you must clear all financial mortgages attached to it before you can sell it. Also, you have to pay off all pending fines on your junk car before you can sell it. You can confirm the status of your loans and fine’s with the RTA if you are unsure of this information.
  1. Research on the value of scrap cars in your area. Even though your car might be in a horrible condition, you still want the best value for it. Depending on the model, make and the damages on your car, some scrap yards and dealers can pay you a tidy sum for your car.
  1. Repair some damages where necessary. If your scrap car is still mobile, you might want to increase its value by conducting some light repairs. You should however avoid investing in serious mechanical repairs of the vehicle as these can be costly. You should only conduct these only if your car is a classic or highly resalable as this usually impacts the value and price of your car.
  1. Arrange for towing if you can. If your car is immobile, you will need to transport it to the buyer’s yard. Even though some buyers can offer Free towing services like Aslam Salim Motorwala, you are better off paying for this to avoid being overcharged.

Why Scrap Your Car At Aslam Salim Motorwala

Even though many people think that they can only sell their scrap cars to junkyards, Aslam Salim Motorwala is the best place to sell your scrap car in Mumbai.

Before you lose hope and scrap your car, call Aslam Salim Motorwala. We are one of the leading buyers of all types of scrap vehicles. Scrap car service available in all over Mumbai. Aslam Salim Motorwala, Buy all types of scrap vehicles. 

We take all types of Accidental Cars, Junk Cars, Old Cars, Total Loss Cars for scrap purposes with proper document verification. We scrap the cars with all proper documentation and we pay cash on the spot to the customer. Sellers can easily sell their cars to us. We provide Free valuation of the car. The owner can contact us for your car valuation. Sell your scrap/old car at the best price.

We make it easy:

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