5 Things to do Before Scrapping Your Car

5 Things to do Before Scrapping Your Car

Scrapping is the easiest way to deal with your old, damaged, or junk car and getting rid of it in exchange for a good amount of money. If you are having a scrap or old car deteriorating in your garage, then you might be wondering what to do with it. 

Probably you are thinking of repairing it, but that can certainly out of the question. Because its repair cost will be either too high or it might be too smashed to be repaired. Sometimes the repair cost of a damaged vehicle can even exceed its actual market value. But then, what is the best way to deal with a damaged vehicle?

At this point, scrapping it is the best solution. This is what most people go for. People sell their vehicles to salvage yards when the vehicle has almost exceeded its stage of usefulness.

 So, you’ve cleared through all your options and have decided that bringing your car to the junkyard is the best choice for making a return on your initial investment. You know there is still value in the parts of the vehicle even if it doesn’t run, so you’re probably more focused on getting the best scrap price at the lot. But before that, you have to keep in mind certain things to ensure that you don’t face any problems after scrapping your car.


  1. Remove Personal Belongings:

Cars like our second home and we often end up leaving some of our personal belongings in our vehicles and forget them for weeks or even months. So, when you scrap your old clunker, make sure to collect all your valuable personal belongings from it. Ensure to search through the trunk and other storage compartments.

2. Remove valuable parts to Sell:

Before you begin discussing the price of the vehicle with the junkyard you will want to remove valuable components from it. The price you agree on will be for everything currently inside or on the vehicle, so don’t change them after you’ve agreed on a price. By reselling those valuable components you would make some extra cash also. A few parts you can take out like Batteries, MP3/CD Players, Tires, other parts. Also, when you sell a car to a salvage yard, don’t forget to remove the license plate before the car is towed away.

One of the things that you need to prepare is your car’s certificate of registration. This is an important document that will be required in order to process the scrapping of your car. 

  1. Use Up the Gas: Use up all the gas that you’ve paid for. And depending on the size of your car that will represent some sum of money. Scrapyards usually drain the fluids before recycling as they don’t have major value to them. At Aslam Salim Motorwala, we strive to provide the best services to all our customers in Mumbai For more information, please call Aslam Salim Motorwala at, +919324116569
  1. Get The Best Company

Needless to say, you need to be good at selecting the company that will handle the disposal of the old car. It is recommended that the location of the company must be near your place. When it comes to assessing the value of the vehicle, take a look at the scale, and make sure that it is correct. Some companies can trick their customers or clients. You should know how to be smarter than them. Find out the online reviews or ratings of the scrap car companies and use it as a guide to making an informed decision. End of it all, make sure that you send your vehicle to the best car scrap company.

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